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Jesus said of the Pharisees:

"Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: 

That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. 

Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation."

Matthew 23: 34-36

Why say the blood of Abel was to be on their hands? Make no mistake, as I call the Eastern Orthodox bishops and priest witches, performing cheapo religious magic tricks, and call Emperor Constantine a murderer and an imposter, they Orthodox would once have executed me. When you reject the "Peace and Love" teachings of Jesus and kill, torture, improson, exile, chop off hands, cut out tongues etc as the Orthodox have done, you must remember Jesus said the end result of this will be "no flesh should be saved" except that "Gpd shortens the days". The total annihilation of humanity. It is called "the doctrine of MAD" Mutual. Assured. Destruction.

The Orthodox in reality are not pacifist at all, their history proves it (just like the Catholics) they build churches full of gold then expect YOU to protect them from invaders and promise to "forgive you afterwards". It is an oxymoronic Faith.

The fact is billions have been deceived by RELIGION. By uniforms. crowns, gold and silver artifacts, by buildings, and you must answer to God for allowing this, you are part of a big picture that goes all the way back to Cain killing his brother Abel. You must repent of this. Churchianity does not save. Religiosity does not save. Repent before you lead your loved ones toward destruction. Ultimately their soul is THEIR responsibility not yours, as no ones soul is saved by other people. But you can do them damage by leading them astray. Don't lead them astray. Preach the true Jesus saves gospel.

If there is hope for humanity it is partly found in the fact people sometimes simplify their beliefs when they know they are dying. Simplifying to Christ as Saviour is a wise move. Don't simplify to into the Orthodox version of the mass is saving you. The magic trick does not happen. You have to hope your loved ones simplified into Christ as Saviour and lead your living relatives into the true Faith, as you ar4e instructed to in the Epistle of Jude. Defending the Faith is not defending thousands of man-made traditions many of which actively contradict the word of God declared infallible by him in the bible, which is profitable for doctrine.


"This generation of believers that you and me are a part of, we are responsible for this generation of souls all over the world. We're responsible for them! We're responsible to pray daily for the needs of ministries around the world and ask God "How about me not sending my money this time. How about me going?" It's so easy to write a cheque.
It's so easy, but God can't cash out of state cheques in Heaven. He needs you!" Keith Green.


Keith Green has a very good point here, except perhaps it may be easy to write a cheque, but it is not so easy to put the hard work and toil in to earn that money, and God certainly does regard the works of "a cheerful giver" as money also represents good honest toil, do not forget.

Everyone has responsibility before God. When you give yourself over to false religion, you empower the leaders of that false religion to do damage to entire nations. If you are a Roman Catholic or a member of the Eastern Orthodox religion, remember - without people like you empowering these men to do damage, they could not do anything like the amount of damage to your nation that they do. You are probably also giving them money and empowering them further.......


When people join cults, sects and false churches they are usually using them like a social club, and treating "religion" like a box of chocolates. If you are a person like that someone can try to persuade you of the truth all day, and you will never listen, because the whole reason you are there, and believing what you do, is not truth it is for a feeling of belonging. I have even seen people on YouTube admitting that their apparent "conversion" to some church was in fact simply to impress their boyfriend or girlfriend, and was in fact a fake conversion.


But what is much worse is when you are indoctrinated into something from your childhood it is sometimes pretty near to brainwashing. The comparison God chooses to use for the Catholics and Orthodox in the Book of Revelation (chapter 17) is that such religious brainwashing (a mixture between continuous propaganda and mystification) leaves the person in a kind of intellectual / spiritual drunken stupor. Sobering up from such a process requires a good dose of sincerity, and the drawing power of God the Father.  The drawing power of the Holy Spirit by his quote "still small voice" will also be involved. How many times if you are honest with yourself have you experienced God trying to quietly stop you from playing games with religion, and using doublethink to ignore contradictions? It is time to get real with God. My "favourite heresy" would probably be annihilationism, that is that the wicked will be destroyed rather than there being an eternal Hell. But I do not believe "what I want" I believe  "what is" because I also want to believe the truth. If you are in Orthodoxy something in it is appealing to you. The fact is in most cases God tells you what that usually is. The fact that God calls Rome a harlot with harlot daughters (the deceptions started in the Roman Empire and spread outward) tells you that you are being seduced. Orthodoxy is spiritual seduction. Idols and rituals have been the core centre of spiritual seduction for centuries, and Orthodoxy even adds adultery by divorce and remarriage as a "bonus" an extra "sweetener" to destroy you. It is like honey and poison mixter together.  

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