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TOP 120 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 120. Churchianity.

​111) Infant communion & Giving toddlers alcohol in communion. (child).  There is no evidence for giving toddlers communion in scripture,

There is a difference between the psychological effects of banning toddlers, children and early teens totally from alcohol (that is provoking a rebellious reaction to drink profusely early) and the topic of giving them a physical taste for it, and whether that can lead to addiction later. Bread however contains a tiny amount of alcohol. This remains a topic of hot debate.


112) Calendarization of lifestyle. The new testament stance on the keeping of days is as follows:

1) Romans 14 tells us we are free in Christ to keep days if we so wish (however Orthodox forces this - which is unbiblical). Even the keeping of "The Lord's Day" (Sunday - Revelation 1: 10) is entirely optional. 

2) The enforced keeping of days is therefore heresy. Forcing people to keep Christmas as a feast, is a different issue than deciding to give glory to God for Christ's birth at that same time under freedom in Christ. Forcing people to honour saints who are no saints and have "days" etc.. And the sheer massive numbers in Orthodoxy, were literally every single day of the year is included in what amounts to them taking your life over every day of the week with religion.

3) 2 Timothy 4: :1-4 tells us keeping the old feasts is anachronistic. It is sin to keep the Passover as it was a forward looking feast now fulfilled. It also engenders the susceptibility to the heresy of Judaisation and bondage under old dead law.

4) Though we are free in Christ to keep a small number of days, Keeping multiple days is warned of as religiously corrupting and to be avoided, as are superfluous food laws, such as limiting diet by clockwork rote on given days. (Galatians 4:10 &  Col 2:21-24 etc)

Compared to real in the Spirit Christians the Orthodox are rendered religious robots in both clockwork worship and clockwork keeping of days, and are in religious bondage to a new form of pseudo-christianized Talmud.

(this is linked with fasting).


​113) Uniforms, - crowns, mitres etc.


​114) Sycophancy to political figures, kings and queens.


115) Fasting on given "Days" (general) Fasting before men.


​116) Many Extraneous baptismal requirements / doctrines


​117) Godparent indoctrinators .


118) Baby exorcisms. (child)


​119) False new identity. (child)


120) Holy water power. (repeat?)​

​​​TOP 120.


121) The Judaizing heresy - though they are dead set against being fully Mosaic in our views about Christian law, nevertheless the Orthodox cherry pick Judaism, (don't understand the old law has gone, we do not pick, choose and reinvent bits to keep now, like "holy beards" or golden artifacts in the temple)

122) New Covenant character denial: the new covenant is characterised by freedom in Christ, they adopt the most draconian concepts of the old Mosaic Covenant (described as done away) in order to bring believers in the new covenant era into religious bondage to clockwork religious concepts like keeping a plethora of feasts. In Christ we have freedom about days (Rom 16) and we have freedom in food (Col 2:21) what is more the imposed fast days and food regulations break another of Christs teachings - to keep your fasting a secret. 


123) They deny the Millennium Kingdom. as far as my studies go so far, the Eastern Orthodox religion are amillennialist in their theology.


124) Candles lighting: are considered sacrifices to Mary and saints. Mentioned in Rev 18 as sins of the Whore of Babylon. More ritualism and churchianity practives instead of an ongoing relationship with God.


125) The liturgical year - the cycle of liturgical seasons, feast days, including celebrations of saints,  to be observed in a display of foolish clockwork religiosity, having portions of Scripture to be read out like robots either in an annual cycle or in a cycle of several years.


126) Canon Law - an admixture of truth and heresy that to the Orthodox has more authority than the new testament.


127) Cathedrals - God's Cathedral in Acts was to be in nature by a river. Building big church buildings is largely an insult to the poor.


128) Leavened Bread & alcoholic wine in the eucharist. the evidence of scripture would suggest the wine and bread were both unleavened.


129) Nepsis linked with Catharsis: Parallels could likely be made between nepsis and Jewish devekut. showing yet another Talmudic type root of Orthodox whoredom with religions. Both nepsis and catharsis have elements of truth but were systematized in links with monastic religious pretentions.


130) Forbidding to interpret and have doctrines on the Book of Revelation - a clear attempt to hide from the Orthodox the evidence that Orthodoxy is a daughter of the Mother of Harlots. note... when Orthodoxy itself does interpret Revelation they seem to make one heresy after another - the woman in Rev 12 is Mary instead of Israel, they are amillennial, they claim the presence of incense in heaven means it is a divine directive to intoxicate church goers with clouds of it. 

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