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TOP 130 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 130.


121) Priests, Bishops and monks having long hair


122) Indoctrination of children . (child)


​123) Denial of the true church in hiding - (that the church must always be big and visible - this is related to Apostolic Succession)


124) Deliberately Clouding of "The Weightier matters of the Law"


​125) Spiritual Whoredom -


​126) ​Council of Ephesus 430 Canon 6 decreed deposition from clerical office or excommunication for those who did not accept the Council's decrees.


​127) Forgeries? (see last sections of TOP 10)


​128) By there own admission their church was heavily infiltrated by the KGB and they believe still is by the FSB (Putin's equivalent).


​129) Mysticism.


​130) Liturgy and restriction of languages - (Liturgy)

​​​TOP 130.

131) digging up the dead (burial money extortion racket).

132) cremation destroys the soul.

133) Orthodox Christian must be buried in consecrated ground,

134) Bogus man made burial rites of no importance - according to the Orthodox rites and service of burial (Nekrosimos). (anything about funerals is an emotive issue).

135) The Church may deny an Orthodox burial to those who have committed a sin such as blasphemy, suicide, denial of faith, or acceptance of cremation.    In other words refusing to bury a person if he became a real Christian (for instance). Pure heresy and manipulation. What is more - if they deny mortal sin or "works of the flesh" and all sin is the same, why forbid burial in this way?

136) The ovum of Mary - so far as I understand Orthodoxy insists that you must believe that the actual ovum of Mary was used in the conception of Christ ( the prophecy quoting thy "seed" does not necessarily mean "her ovum") and not that his conception was entirely miraculous but in her womb without he ovum used. I am not denying her ovum was used, but I do question forcing young believers to form a definite doctrine on this. To them it is an essential or more central issue as to them the hypostatic union heals corporate human nature. The belief that Mary's ovum must be used is of less controversy as they do not believe in original sin, and Catholics believe he conception was miraculous. 

137) Beards and the clergy - so what are they actually saying? Only the clergy should have beards, or all Orthodox men? And is the old covenant law on beards still here, including not trimming the edges?  It might be interesting to find out how many bishops of Rome had beards before the 1054 split. It is part of Messianic Judaism to keep these beard laws when the new testament calls the old law done away (2 Cor 3), and an emphasis on how the Orthodox have never understood the covenants of God.

138)  The Authority to teach: Holy Spirit versus ordination.

139) mystification of doctrine: - bible says to be clear.

140) The "laity" - Jesus says "you are all brethren". This is the root of Scofield's interpretation of Nicolaitan heresy which contains Nico - lording power over - laitan -the laity, The Orthodox often say this was a sex cult started by the Nicholas of the bible (more forgery of history by them).

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