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TOP 150 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 150:

141) The 7 Sins of Rome (Rev 18:1-24):


​142) Forgery of history & many other things: TOP 10


143) That icons, saints bones, artifacts, relics "work miracles"


144) The Anathemas - (eg of the synod Constantinople):


145) Religious Colonialism by land buying / grabbing.


​146) Infallible traditions of the church in general (repeat?)


147) Churches being autocephalous and non autocephalous

Angel heresies: x3.


​148) That angels are superior in nature and intelligence to man

149) Unprovable Angelic order (tagmata):

​150) In the Orthodox worship, every Monday is dedicated to the angels.​

​​​TOP 150.

151) The Anathemas - (eg of the synod Constantinople): the heresy of declaring people anathema over calendar issues, but themselves bringing on themselves the anathema of God promised in Galatians 1:6-9 by preaching their false gospel of works and sacerdotalism. 

152) Female clergy.

153) Hank Hanegraaff and the Fifty Fifty Cult:

he preaches a mongrel Faith and is not put in his place. because of  the sin of respect of persons

Hank Hanegraaff's apostasy from the Protestant Faith into Eastern Orthodoxy is of significance more because he is highlighting a new wave of heresy in the Orthodox religion, that might be best called "the fifty fifty cult" were the Orthodox do not exercise the discipline that is supposed to characterize their church, and allow people like Hank to preach a shape shifting new potpourri religion that is neither Evangelical, nor Orthodox. So just remember - every time you hear him preaching he is living proof of a lack of discipline in the Orthodoxy Faith (proof they are not in the Spirit in itself), and that they allow their novice proselytes to preach what amounts to a new fifty fifty cult that is neither Protestantism nor Eastern Orthodoxy just contradictory nonsense. 

154) Religious Colonialism by land buying.

155) Infallible church - be honest with yourself..... if just one of the criticisms I make on this website about Orthodoxy is true, then their entire "infallible church" idea drops to pieces. It is an "infallible heresy". 

156) Churches being autocephalous and non autocephalous - (of an Eastern Christian Church) appointing its own head, not subject to the authority of an external patriarch or archbishop. The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) for instance is not recognized as an autocephalous church. In Evangelicalism there is ONE church, that is the body of Christ. A bishop is not an overseer anywhere in the new testament of one or several countries. The Apostles were church planters and had special authority from God and Orthodoxy does not claim they are apostles.

157) The Nicene Creed is not fit for purpose - the "Creed" even in its non expounded native form is unbiblical because it has no explicit statement of the salvation gospel, and it simply must to define what a church is in the first instance. It is therefore not fit for purpose. Worse the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox state around the time of the creed it was also expounded heretically in the "The Canons of the Council of Nicea" whereas others in the dialogue at that time existed, expounded it differently, but history does not clearly record these differences. 

158) Mysticism. quote: "The premise of all mysticism is that experiential knowledge of God takes preference over doctrinal understanding of the character and being of God because of the transcendent nature of God. One of the ways mysticism gained a foothold in Eastern Orthodoxy was by the emphasis of certain Orthodox “Church Fathers” upon the “way of negation” also known as “apophatic”1 theology."

159) Mitres and crowns. (Gr. Mitra). I find it entirely stupid to think Christians in church should wear crowns on their heads. The official headdress or "crown" of a bishop. In Slavic churches, some archimandrites are allowed to wear the mitre as a recognition of their service to the church (mitrateor mitrophoros). The mitre derives from the crown of the Byzantine emperor.

note: incredibly revealing! They confirm themselves the "scarlet and purple heresy" by saying these crowns derives from Byzantine Emperors!!!

160) Two gospels save. Evangelicals do not say two gospels save, but the Orthodox do not have the courage to stick properly to their emphatic statement "salvation is found only in Orthodoxy" they then tell everyone they don't want to judge as to whether other people are saved or not. It is yet another oxymoron of theirs. The bible says there is only ONE salvation gospel, and anyone teaching another is anathema, under God's curse! The Orthodox synergy of salvation or process of salvation isn't it!

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