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TOP 170 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 170.

​161) A cherry-picking form of The Judaizing heresy


​162) They deny the character of the new covenant which is freedom

163) They deny the Millennium Kingdom .

164) Candle lighting ,

165) The liturgical year - (repeat?)

166) Canon Law . The Canons of the Council of Nicea, and Nicene Creed (325) (and other Creeds) contain much heresy, yet are treated as if on a par with scripture.

167) Cathedrals . ("church" buildings in general) the slippery slope of the word "church" in Greek from the body of believers into bricks and mortar.

168) Leavened Bread & alcoholic wine in the eucharist .

169) Nepsis linked with Catharsis:

170) Forbidding to interpret and have doctrines on the Book of Revelation -

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