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TOP 190 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 190. (in progress)

​181) The strange tradition of "Crowning" in marriages.


​​182) Hank Hanegraaff and the Fifty Fifty Cult:

​​183) Evolutionism is taught by many .

184) Homosexuality is accepted by many modern westernized  bishops as "biblical" (however this subject is generally a strong point of Orthodoxy, not a weakness, as is testified by the 330,000 Orthodox men imprisoned and even tortured in the country of Georgia for opposing aggressive homosexual propaganda that they felt undermined their family values, and were brave enough to pay a high price to oppose it {unlike their American bishops}. Well done on that score!)

185) Very Low Corruption Perception Index .

186) Ecumenicalism (repeat?)

187) Saint, icon and worship (and Mary) passed off as veneration. (the seduction of people into their false Faith by replacing  old heathen worship of multiple false gods by the replacement of saints).

188) Altering communion to a spoon of bread and wine (repeat?)

189)  ​​False Christs - They say they "become a Christ" in Chrismation! 

190) Marital fasting from sex on their many fasting days.

191) Large number of fasting days, to the point of nutritional problems arising, including every Wednesday and Friday.including wine and beer as well as many foods (In the Slavic tradition beer is allowed). exempted small children, the sick, the very old, and pregnant and nursing mothers from strict fasting.

Sabbath issue (Orthodoxy may be clear on this)

[16] A Church FatherEusebius, who became the bishop of Caesarea Maritima about AD 314, stated that for Christians, "the sabbath had been transferred to Sunday".[17]

​​​TOP 190.


(note - all 3 (uniforms, artifacts and architecture) add up to the churchianity spiderweb, along with such items as relics.


the Eastern Orthodox Church condemns any type of contraceptive that is abortifacient. and as the Pill was changed to progesterone (that destroys fertilized eggs) because of the devastating effects on women of the first Pill. there must be a LOT of hypocrisy in Orthodoxy over this.

All sexual sin of any kind must be confessed to a priest to obtain forgiveness, whereas in Protestant faith their is privacy with God. Do priests confess this to other priests to obtain forgiveness? 

several heresies.... quote

We see here that grievous sinful behavior can taint the completeness of the marriage relationship. In other words, it is the offence that breaks the bond, not the divorce itself. According to the spirit of Orthodoxy, juridical obligation alone cannot maintain the unity of the married couple. Formal unity must be consistent with internal symphony between husband and wife. When the couple can no longer salvage anything of this internal symphony, the bond that was originally considered indissoluble has already dissolved. Further, the Church recognizes there are cases in which marriage life has no content or may even lead to loss of the soul. Saint John Chrysostom says in this regard: “better to break the covenant than to lose one’s soul”. Nevertheless, the divorce is a tragedy, the result of human weakness and sin.

quote "Orthodox canon law can permit a second and even a third marriage out of pastoral care, but strictly forbids a fourth." this is one of the most laughable heresies I ever saw, and may have evolved through realisation Muslims can have 4 wives.

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