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TOP 190 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 190. (in progress)

​181) The strange tradition of "Crowning" in marriages.


​​182) Hank Hanegraaff and the Fifty Fifty Cult:

​​183) Evolutionism is taught by many .

184) Homosexuality is accepted by many modern westernized  bishops as "biblical" (however this subject is generally a strong point of Orthodoxy, not a weakness, as is testified by the 330,000 Orthodox men imprisoned and even tortured in the country of Georgia for opposing aggressive homosexual propaganda that they felt undermined their family values, and were brave enough to pay a high price to oppose it {unlike their American bishops}. Well done on that score!)

185) Very Low Corruption Perception Index .

186) Ecumenicalism (repeat?)

187) Saint, icon and worship (and Mary) passed off as veneration. (the seduction of people into their false Faith by replacing  old heathen worship of multiple false gods by the replacement of saints).

188) Altering communion to a spoon of bread and wine (repeat?)

189)  ​​False Christs - They say they "become a Christ" in Chrismation! 

190) Sabbath issue (Orthodoxy may be clear on this)

​​​TOP 190.


(note - all 3 (uniforms, artifacts and architecture) add up to the churchianity spiderweb, along with such items as relics.

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