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TOP 200 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 200.

191) TOP 10 "Holy" Witchcraft - paraphernalia, gesticulations, incantations etc


192) TOP 10 - "REAL" Holy sites (Biblical but not identified)

193) TOP 10 Relics of persons in the bible :

194) TOP 10 Fake saints relics :

195) TOP 10 Bodies / body parts .

196​) TOP 10 Church artifacts:

197) TOP 10 "Fake" Holy Sites .(unbiblical as of human origin)

198) TOP 10 Architecture -

199) TOP 10 Uniforms . (find and erase)

200) TOP 10 Fake miracles .

TOP 210.


201) TOP 10 General Artifact relics - (under construction)

202) TOP 10 Sins Shared with (modern) Protestantism

​203) TOP 10 Monastic Deceptions.

​​​TOP 200.

Witchcraft potions, powders, items and substances.

1) Holy water

2) Chrism

3) Mass wine - it is real leavened wine with water added. This liquid is then subjected to various rites and rituals amounting to sorcery. when it supposedly becomes Christs entire body. As I understand it the Orthodox say the same thing as Catholics - the wine is not just his blood, but that in every drop is the entire body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ - which you will notice is therefore claiming they take it literally, but saying something different.. The bread is put into the wine then fed to people on a spoon, perhaps to stop people dropping crumbs and "standing on Jesus". The clergy however take "the elements" separately.

3) Mass bread

4) Myrrh dripped from icons.

5) separate anointing oils

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