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TOP 40 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 40 :

(distinctly Orthodox)

41) Grave desecration & Funeral extortion racket.

42)   Ancestral sin

43)   No mortal sin (works of the flesh):

44)   Filioque issues:

45)   Long haired priests (Gurus not Christians)

46)   Ethereal Toll Houses. (contrast Purgatory)

47)   Exorcisms of babies:

48)   No singing or music, chanting only, no sitting down.

"Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;" Eph 5:19 / Col 3:16.

49) Catechumen 

With adults it only proceeds after a catechumen "exam" where some spiritually deaf, dumb and blind priest decides if you get to be part of God's church (power over the Laity).  

important: this means all triple baptized babies in Eastern Orthodoxy are considered full members of the church (through the work of a man) but in Roman Catholicism everyone (not just adult proselytes) go through confirmation before being considered "full" church members.

The power trip idea of a priests power has divergent directions in the Catholic and Orthodox Faith. In Catholicism the idea of a Pope is worse, and that the priest is empowered himself to turn bread into flesh and blood, but in Orthodoxy they believe a priest makes a baby or child into a member of the church without confirmation, to exalt "their power".


50)  The Miracle of Holy Fire.


Part 1:

31) Salvation by Works . ( salvation )


32) A 2nd Priesthood offering up physical sacrifices : Nicolaitanism.


33) That Jesus achieved the resurrection of souls in his death and resurrection, not washing away our sins and total justification.

That is.... Forgiveness of sin through Calvary denied - On Calvary Jesus earned the resurrection of the just and the unjust (so Jesus died to damn billions of people people) specifically not our salvation.


34) That the sin of mankind was purged in the incarnation (thus not Calvary).

Reconciliation - and the Hypostatic Union -


​​35) That salvation is found only in Orthodoxy :


36) Metousiosis - or "holy cannibalism" .


37) Chrismation .


38) Triple Baptism .


38) Epiklesis


​39) Born Again - heretical definition .

40) They are (therefore) not part of the new and better covenant .

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