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                            The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople,

                                       or Titular Head of Orthodoxy.

The Titular Head of Eastern Orthodoxy, that is the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, is such an important topic of discussion, especially in comparison with the Roman Catholic idea of the Pope, a special page must be dedicated to him.

The see of Byzantium, whose foundation was later ascribed to Andrew the Apostle, was originally a common bishopric. It gained importance when Emperor Constantine elevated Byzantium to a second capital alongside Rome and named it Constantinople. The see's ecclesiastical status as the second of five Patriarchates were developed by the Ecumenical Councils of Constantinople in 381 and Chalcedon in 451. This being so, the Titular Head of Orthodoxy is forever linked with the evil mass murderer Emperor Constantine the Great, and will therefore be seen forever as a bogus, false, and counterfeit concept.

List of evil Titular Heads.

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