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note: the reason for putting these studies are:

1) To show long lists of so called "apostolic bishops" from different major churches, who all deny each other's apostolic bishop lines are real or valid, and thus prove the point "Why believe any of the lists are true?"

2) To show slander that the first Apostle wrote liturgies etc.

3) To prove the first links to the Apostles spurious and fables.

4) To gather a list of the most evil examples of Titular Heads, and other Patriarchs from other so called jurisdictions, to compare with evil Popes.

1) List of  Early so called bishops.

2) The Evolution of the Titular Head of Orthodoxy.

3) The Titular Head (The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople).

4) List of Titular Heads - 1st Century till 15th Century (Constantinople)

5) List of Titular Heads - 16th Century till present day (Constantinople)

6) List of Eastern Orthodox Patriarchs of Alexandria.

6a) List of Coptic Popes (of Alexandria).

6b) Contrasting Coptic Popes and Orthodox Patriarchs - Of Alexandria .

7) List of Patriarchs of Antioch (Rome?).

8) List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem.

7) List of Popes 1 (Patriarchs of Rome).

9) List of Popes 2 (Patriarchs of Rome).

10) List of Oriental Orthodox Patriarchs.

11) List of Patriarchs of The Church of the East.

12) Pentarchy.

13) The "70" Apostles. 

*) Sorting.

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