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TOP 60 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.



​​Part 3:

51) Repentance "saves" and is part of the so called "process of salvation".  Repentance in fact does not save, it is a quality indicator of belief. By mentioning Repentance always being present in those who truly believe in him, Jesus is not confirming repentance saves, or that it contributes to actual salvation, rather it is simply an indicator of purity of belief, as indeed sincerity is, and that you are not trying to cynically use the offer of grace from God, but your faith is real.


52) Deflection against the Gospel = They deny Christ died as a substitute sacrifice .& They deny Jesus was a ransom sacrifice .

When the Evangelical Gospel of salvation through faith in Christ alone, crucified, buried and resurrected, is properly and reasonably compared with the complex false gospel of Orthodoxy, that consists among other things of relegating Jesus to a Semi-Saviour by the inclusion of works and priestcraft into the message of salvation, the Orthodox theologians are on a big loser.

And so.... their preachers often use a cold blooded deflection tactic, or diversion tactic, in an entirely cynical and deliberate attempt to confuse people. The tactic is - the Orthodox preachers present the Protestant and Evangelical Gospel as if it is the peripheral comparison subjects of "a substitute sacrifice" or "A ransom sacrifice" when this is never mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4 or in Luke 24:44-48 and is not the Gospel that saves! Furthermore the most extreme forms of these symbolic representations are used, never for instance that Jesus was the substitute sacrifice for the old testament offering "of the blood of bulls and of goats" (Hebrews 10:4) or that Jesus is a substitute sacrifice that is worthy, compared to one such as Isaac that would always be considered unworthy etc. Rather the "Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" variation of the symbolic representation is used concerning Aslan etc. You may feel a little confused already, and that is entirely the point! They are using a cloud of fog and confusion and misdirection to hide how their convoluted "process of salvation" pales into insignificance in the light of the true "Jesus Saves Gospel" where works are simply the fruit, not the root, of salvation. 


​​53) Superfluous doctrines for salvation.


54) Salvation by sin :


​55) Theosis 2 (that deification is part of a process of salvation)


56) Ethereal Toll Houses & salvation .


57) Ancestral sin - the heresy of semi-pelagianism .


58) The Divine Liturgy . ( the sacerdotal aspect )


59) ​Their clergy are witches - include Top 3 witches in the world according to Orthodoxy.


60) Two gospels save. (the oxymoronic Orthodox view they are the only way of salvation, but do not want to judge others preaching an opposite gospel. Evangelicals do not do that, we have ONE Gospel of salvation only)

"Salvation is found only in Orthodoxy, but we do not judge other churches if they are saved or not". This is one of the famous oxymoronic statements of Orthodoxy. They outright say salvation is only with them, then gulp as their gospel is so bizarre and stupid, so they then get magnanimous in case you see through them too easily, and say they do not want to judge the salvation of other churches, like the many Protestant denominations, Catholics, Oriental Orthodox etc. This is linked to their Ecumenical heresy. The only time you see Protestants saying the same thing is when they also are heretic ecumenicals, implying also there are therefore "two gospels that save" (at least). 

​​​TOP 60.

some of the sins shared with Catholics:

61)   Heathen Calendars are part of the Faith (worse than Catholics on this):

62) The multiplying of sacraments and religious rites.

63) A Personal relationship Mary......with skeletons (dead unresurrected "people") spiritism. 

64) They kept the bible from the people for over 1,000 years, even after the Reformation presses started rolling, the Orthodox like the Catholics never gave bibles to the people in order to indoctrinate them instead


65) Idolizing or worshipping of the Creed

66) Statues and idols .

67) Shrines ( a separate issue proving their connection to eastern religions - thus Eastern Orthodoxy in their name) .

68) That heresy is to contradict the church and tradition not the bible and new covenant.

69) Holy Orders and consecration

also .....  Bogus Consecration.  sacerdotal.

This is inseparably bound up in another heresy of Apostolic succession, but is also in itself a ritualistic heresy. a) Election, b) Cheirotonia. c) more magic rituals. d) the bishop-elect must make a formal and public Profession of Faith (heresy)  to ensure the orthodoxy of his belief.

70) ​They actively persecute real Christians.

71) Call no man father .

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