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TOP 70 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.



​​​Part 4:

61) Praying for the dead .


62) The dead can pray for you !


​63) Praying to the dead .


​64) Mary as Co-Mediator, Co-Redemptrix, hears/answers millions, giving of grace that contributes to salvation.


​​65) Hesychasm -


66​​) Aerial Toll House prayers -


​67) All saints day


​68) The Communion of Saints = including quote


​69) The Repose of souls of the dead


​70) The Orthodox Prayer of Absolution (also for the Dying) : quote:

Perhaps one of the greatest hopes for humanity is that in their dying moments some people might tend to simplify their beliefs. The Catholics and Orthodox priests try to police the final moments of people's lives by trying to make sure that wonderful moment of simplification never occurs, that the person does not repent and  trust in and rely upon Christ alone as Saviour, but is instead having his or her eternity "made safe" through priestcraft ceremonies, like the Orthodox mass, anointing with oil, and bogus absolution prayers. They are in other words at a dying person's bedside trying to make sure the person goes to Hell.

​​​TOP 70.

churchianity errors :

71) Liturgical (clockwork) worship. (include also the issue of Latin and Greek only).

72) Calendarization of lifestyle by a plethora of "days".

73) Uniforms, crowns, mitres .

74) Ritual ridden.

75) Fasting: So much fasting they are borderline vegan for about half the year! This really does fit in with the commandment not to say "Touch not! Taste not!" . Fast Wednesday and Friday just about all year, so they can disobey Christs commandment to fast in secret.

76) Extraneous baptismal requirements:  (must believe heresy, and an avalanche of more insignificant doctrines "what doth now prevent me?") eg harrowing of hell and deny filioque .

77) God-parent indoctrinators. The parents are assigned the duty of indoctrinating their children, but so called "godparents" (found nowhere in scripture) are people assigned the same sinful task. This perhaps also serves as a way to fish outsiders into Orthodoxy by using babies and children to inveigle them into learning Orthodox doctrine.

78) Baby exorcisms - it is jaw dropping that anyone baptized into Orthodoxy goes through a plethora of rites amounting to witchcraft ceremonies, including casting Satan out of babies and children. Adult exorcism - where they will even stand on top of people "crushing satan under their feet" like something out the middle ages.

79) False new identity.   when triple baptized into Orthodoxy the person is given a new name, and is given a personal patron saint, so they can calendarize your life on a personal level. A name day is the day on which an Orthodox Christian celebrates the feast of his patron saint.

80) Holy water power - the Orthodox believe so called holy water has powers to spiritually clean people and places, and cast out demons. They even do it to their own churches before a person is baptized to increase the impression of their bogus priestly powers.

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