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TOP 80 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 80: 10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.


They commit Adultery by misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as post marital adultery and a legitimate reason to divorce and remarry:


72) They commit Adultery by the rule of "economy" (oikonomia):


​73) Adultery by "He causes her to commit adultery".


74) No marriage vows -


​75) Adultery justified under Antinomianism


76) That Marriage is a sacrament.


77) Invested Authority to marry a couple:


​78) They do not properly teach to keep virginity before marriage.


79) Forcefully giving your daughter in marriage: - no emancipation .


80) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula - sexism.

80 a) Giving your daughter in marriage without choice on her part.

this is a MASSIVE historical sin. Remember they say their church is infallible, but treated daughters like possessions to give away, deny the right of choice, and force husbands on them for over 1,000 years. PURE HERESY!!! No emancipation for over 1,000 years is a serious point to prove Orthodoxy false. However at the present time I cannot prove with enough evidence they did "give their daughters in marriage" in a way similar to the Muslims and Roman Catholics (but I feel pretty sure they did). its a long study to prove hundreds of examples 

80 b) RESEARCH - did the Orthodox ever execute adulterers? Henry VIII and Calvin believed in doing this, never grasping John 8:7.

80 c) Unbiblical annulments of marriages (like Catholicism) ?

80 d) Marrying a non Christian. (see link) .

80 e) Baby or toddler or Child engagement / marriages

​​​TOP 80.

Prayer heresies x10.

81) Praying for the dead. It is only natural to desire to pray for people you loved who have died, especially just after they die, but saying someone was saved only after you intervened in prayer, is making you part of their salvation, which is impossible, so praying for the dead is of no effect in salvation issues. The fact is God has told us to trust him in the bible, for good reason, he is a self proclaimed kind and loving God full of compassion, great mercy and grace, who emphasizes the fact in many hundreds of scriptures.

82) The dead can pray for you! - I am convinced some of the prayers of dead Christians I knew are still in action today..... living people praying, then dying, whose prayers still yield fruit from God now is not the same issue or subject as people who are dead now having the ability to pray for you now, neither is it right to "ask them" to. 

83) Praying to the dead. (spiritism) 

note - there seems to be a contradiction in Orthodoxy, in that many believe souls pass through "Aerial Toll Houses" on a journey that ends in either heaven or Hades, whereas some believe this journey ends in an Hades that is subdivided into "Abraham's Bosom" and a Torment Zone below it. If you are going to "pray to saints" where are they? Hades or Heaven? Praying into Hades sounds even worse. 

84) Vain repetitions in prayer. the primary example is the Jesus prayer,

85) The Cycle of Prayer.  The Daily Cycle takes the form of quote  "The Orthodox Church follows the Old Testament practice of having formal prayers according to the hours of the day." oca,com.  Which means it is the spouting of largely man made prayers. Whether that oca description really describes OT prayer is another matter.  quote "In the Orthodox Church all prayer is Trinitarian. We pray in the Holy Spirit, through Jesus the Son of God, and in his name, to God the Father.......we also pray to the saints—not in the same way as we pray to the Persons of the Holy Trinity, but as our helpers, intercessors, and fellow-members of the Church." Saying they are "in the Holy Spirit" as they systematically say these man made constructions is just another example of the Orthodox blasé use of the name of the Holy Spirit.

 The Catholics have a yearly clockwork cycle of prayer, and the Orthodox have a similar set up but do not necessarily refer to it by the same name/s.

86) Mary as Co-MediatorCo-Redemptrix, hears/answers millions.

87) Prayer Books. automated, manmade, pseudo Christian, systematized tomes of wayward religion.

88) Hesychasm, the equivalent of Buddhist meditation. interesting also the Buddhist idea of becoming "at one" has similarities to theosis.

89) The prayer rope - the Orthodox answer to the rosary. 

90) Toll House prayers -  to help dead souls be delivered from demonic attack, in the 40 decision period as to whether you go to "Abraham's Bosom" or torment part of  "Hades", these prayers are connected to the 8 Day and the 40 Day memorial services.

91) All saints day - (spiritism) The Eastern Orthodox Church and associated Eastern Catholic Churches and Byzantine Lutheran Churches celebrate it on the first Sunday after Pentecost. .

92) Communion of Saints.

93) the Repose of souls of the dead? (Memorial.) 

94) Praying with head covered. The bible does not forbid a man reading scripture or preaching with his head covered (useful in very hot countries where you can get heat-stroke in minutes open air witnessing) but it does forbid praying or prophecy with a covered head. It is even worse when this is transgressed wearing a crown.

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