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TOP 90 Eastern Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 90 : (Other distinctly Orthodox) .


81) Grave desecration & Funeral extortion racket .


​82) No belief in mortal sin (works of the flesh) :


83) Filioque issues : eg extraneous baptismal requirement.


​84) Long haired priests (Gurus not Christians)


​85) The Jesus Prayer ​- Vain repetitions in prayer .


​86) Exorcisms of babies : (child) You must go through an exorcism to get saved!!! And have Satan cast out if you!


​87) No singing or music, chanting only, no sitting down .


88) The Miracle of Holy Fire .


89) The prayer rope


90) The descent into Hell of Christ,

​​​TOP 90.

various (authority issues).

91) Relics, artefacts, so bad it is like a "death cult". In times past the lie of having the bones, relics and clothes of every apostle, John the Baptist and Mary etc "proved" to the simple minded that Orthodoxy was and is a church God was trusting with these relics, but in our education enlightened age the same bogus relics are total proof they are frauds.

92) Heresy of swearing oaths.

93) Ruled over by Pharisees 

94) The Forgery of History

95) Incense thuribles (giddy)

96) Fake miracles - holy fire is just one, myrrh dripping icons etc. Only a gullible person who passes of credulity for faith would believe in them.

97) Bogus hierarchy / pyramid system: -

98) Orthodox false prophets (as well as teachers)

99) Ecumenicalism (division over this)

100) Their version of the Talmud = the giant tomes of irrelevant dumb writings by a plethora of pillarists, hermits, bogus saints and the like, whose unimportant writings they exalt to being on a par with holy writ.  

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