"that which ye have already hold fast till I come." Revelation 2:25.

A stunningly significant bible verse, where Jesus himself directs the church, at an early stage in history to "keep that which ye have" all the way to his return to Earth, thus an order not to believe all the Orthodox / Catholic add-ons their false churches teach.

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The word "Church" ......


     Orthodox Pharisees

See a checklist, proving the

bishops, priests, monks, sages

and prophets of Eastern Orthodoxy are in fact thinly disguised modern day Pharisees! 

   Real Church History


Learn the plain, simple and obvious truth that the record of history shows that the first church, and true Faith, was and always has been Born Again Christian, not Orthodox, Roman Catholic or otherwise!

  Salvation by Sacraments

Read how believing in Jesus saves your soul, and why eating Jesus does not save your soul, baptism, chrismation, or any other action performed by a priest or you.

this site aims to be extremely comprehensive and so is still under construction.

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